Lists of best free VIN check sites to get car history reports

Engineers use the VIN to identify the vehicle and its components for quick repairs. The VIN number is used by law enforcement to identify stolen vehicles or vehicle components. Before finalizing the deal, you should verify the VIN number if you intend to purchase a new or used car.

We strongly advise testing the VIN through a free VIN check website whether you work at a dealership or want to buy a used car for yourself. There are a few reliable free VIN check websites you can use, despite the fact that some try to pretend to be free until they ask for your credit card number.

By entering the VIN number in the search bar, a VIN check enables you to view the history of the vehicle. It enables you to determine whether the used car is stolen or whether it has ever been in an accident. You may learn more about the type of repairs the automobile has received and any recalls by running a VIN check. Utilizing VIN check websites with VIN decoding features is the simplest approach to verifying a vehicle’s VIN.

Well, in this article, I’ll be listing the best free VIN check websites you can use to get a history report of a car, including new and used ones.

best free VIN check sites to get car history reports

So, let’s dive in!


Best Free VIN check Sites

The followings listed below are the lists of free VIN check websites you should consider:

  • Autodna
  • AutoCheck
  • EpicVIN
  • ClearVIN
  • CarVertical
  • Bumper
  • Cebia
  • VINfreecheck
  • VinPit


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The AutoDNA-AutoCheck VIN check service uses Experian as its database. The website analyzes billions of databases and offers car VIN check information from the biggest global providers of vehicle information. Utilizing autoDNA has a number of benefits, one of which is that it gives information about used cars from both Europe and the United States. Consequently, it is possible to compare cars from various marketplaces using the platform.

The autoDNA database contains more than 4 trillion statistics for more than 500 million vehicles. Each car history report includes important information. Even though the reported data is spread throughout several expensive areas, it nonetheless maintains a competitive position in the market.

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A reliable VIN checking website, Autocheck offers one of the greatest VIN decoders and has a track record of offering its users high-quality services. Its website offers a special function that enables you to rapidly evaluate a vehicle’s condition before you see the report’s specifics. It employs a grading scale from 1 to 100 and, based on the score it assigns to the key on that scale, informs you of its condition.

You need to complete a short series of steps, including submitting your VIN number, selecting a membership plan, and paying for it, in order to obtain a comprehensive report on Autocheck. A single report purchase rather than a membership plan is another option. People who don’t intend to use the site frequently should use the single report.

You should find details on the vehicle’s mileage, previous owners, brand, emissions testing, accident history, theft history, lease, and other factors in the Autocheck report.

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With over 22 billion records, CARFAX claims to be one of the world’s biggest cross-border databases. It includes a lot of information; however, it only covers used cars from the US and Canada that were bought after 1981. It claims that the information was gathered from more than 100,000 distinct sources, including Canadian and US motor vehicle authorities.

Due to its restricted ability to include unreported damages to the vehicle, CARFAX does not offer a comprehensive report. Additionally, since the data report can be altered to list the facts, it is possible for customers or dealerships to distort it.

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For checking a car’s VIN number, EpicVIN is regarded as a very reliable provider. It gives you access to a vehicle’s history and other relevant reports, just like every other VIN checker. It is a reliable approach to validate the VIN authenticity of an automobile before buying it. With EpicVIN, you can also look up a vehicle’s history using just the license plate number and the state in which it was issued.

Along with checking car details, EpicVIN also provides a number of free VIN tools such as; VIN decoders based on the cars’ models, VIN check by state, Flood check, and Odometer check.

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A popular VIN decoder payment platform is ClearVin. It works closely with many different automobile groups to give its users trustworthy vehicle reports. NMVTIS is one of the resources, along with a number of other non-listed sources such as banking institutions, state organizations, and local government offices.

For each VIN check, ClearVin gathers and reports information on ownership status, previous possessions, loan checks, and insurance details. The ClearVin files also contain documentation related to repairs, recalls, and burglaries. In contrast to its rivals, this practical tool falls short in terms of speed and current data.

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Carvertical gives its users fundamental information about vehicles with the main objective of defending car purchasers from con artists. You may get information on a vehicle’s servicing history, damage history, mileage, and current issues on this website. You can also purchase a vehicle report and get a vehicle preview for free.

Additionally, Carvertical has a scoring system that assigns a car a score between 1 and 10. The vehicle’s three key characteristics—damage information, mileage records, and model flaws—are the basis for this scoring. For those who have a variety of vehicles to choose from, this rating system might be very helpful. To make an unbiased decision, you may just compare the ratings of the automobiles.

Carvertical has maintained a positive review history with a rating of 4.2 on Trustpilot and 5.0 on Google Play, which is a result of providing excellent service to its users.

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A web-based tool called The Bumper allows you to look up vehicle specifications by VIN. It gathers and offers precise data regarding the history of vehicle damage from 22 state-level agencies. Additionally, it gathers information from a wide range of different businesses, including salvage auctions, towing services, scrap yards, and insurance firms.

The data report information covers a wide range of vehicle data, including title, sale listing, safety recalls, salvage & accident records, market value, etc., similar to other rivals. It offers its excellent automobile report with millions of updated used vehicle data to the consumer market.

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A website called Cebi, also known as, offers its users VIN checking services. This Czech-based website’s main objective is to promote secure car sales transactions. Additionally, it gives auto dealers the unusual choice of purchasing a report certificate to reassure potential clients of their legitimacy.

Cebia uses a technology that enables it to offer basic VIN check information on vehicles, including records of fraud. More than 1 billion records of car history reports are stored in its database as well. This is so that it can obtain information about vehicles from reputable dealers, repair facilities, leasing companies, and insurance companies. The main drawback of Cebia is that it was primarily created to repair cars in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

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VinFreeCheck is a free, simple way to find up a vehicle’s VIN number. For the purpose of offering cutting-edge information on the car, it has teamed with well-known names in the sector like NHTSA and NMVTS. The information that is reported relates to automobile brands, designs, models, etc.

This tool’s primary goal is to provide scam, fixed, or flooded reports to aid in the decision to purchase a vehicle. The basic car examination covered by the free VIN check is only visible to premium users, who also have access to the vehicle’s mileage, collision history, and odometer reading.

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The VIN checking website VINpit provides a variety of services, including free reports, license plate lookup, VIN checking, and VIN decoding.

You may obtain information like the state in which the automobile was purchased, the year, rental history, model specifics, and characteristics of the vehicle with VINpit’s free vehicle history report. You can also get a thorough report that includes the mileage, total distance traveled, and the current market value of the used car. You can learn more about a manufacturer recall, the car’s equipment, and its prior sales history using VINpit.

Free VIN Check Websites FAQs

What is VIN?

Individual automakers used to have their own procedures for identifying their vehicles before the 1950s. However, because there were so many variations in the market, it was all too simple for con artists to create fictitious car identities and ownership records. In 1954, the US government asked automakers to adopt a practical format for vehicle identification in an effort to reduce this crime rate.

What information does a Free VIN Report Give You?

You may learn more about warranties, original specifications, safety ratings, and recalls by running a free VIN check. The free report also provides details on the safety features, fuel economy, and user reviews of the car. At the National Insurance Crime Bureau, a VIN check is free.

Where Does a VIN Decoder Get Information?

The VIN decoder takes its data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which receives it from manufacturers who submit it to NHTSA. The VIN Decoder lookup is used with vehicles manufactured after 1981. If your car was made before 1981, its VIN most likely had 11 characters.

Any authorized VIN-checking website may instantly check the 17-character VIN of your car. Using this, you can look up details such as the manufacturer, brand, make, model, body type, engine size, assembly location, and model year. All you need to do is access the website, enter your VIN in the appropriate box, and select search VIN.

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What Can a VIN Check Tell You?

The VIN is more than just a collection of random letters and numbers. The World Manufacturer Index, manufacturer specification data, check digit, model year, factory location, and vehicle unique number are the six sections that make up the carefully chosen combination of characters.

Why Should I Check the VIN Number When Buying a Car?

  • To find out if it is a recalled vehicle
  • To ascertain whether the vehicle has been in an accident
  • To determine an automobile’s actual mileage
  • To tell whether the car is flooded

That is all for this article, where the lists of best free VIN check websites are been discussed. I hope it was helpful, if so, kindly share it with others. Thanks for reading, see you around!