How to Replace Transmission Range Sensor

How to Replace Transmission Range Sensor

The transmission range sensor is a computer control system component that determines the position of the gear changer in your vehicle. The powertrain control module receives data from the range sensor and uses it to determine which gears to enable or inhibit. Stated differently, the range sensor makes sure your car always understands the gear it is in.


Your car may have issues if your transmission range sensor is malfunctioning. It may result in problems with the transmission or even start/stop troubles. With a few simple tools, you can replace the transmission range sensor at home in a pretty simple procedure. It doesn’t take more than an hour to complete, and no prior car knowledge or expertise is needed.



Learn how to replace a transmission range sensor, including purchasing the appropriate sensor, reinstalling it, and the cost involved.

How to Replace Transmission Range Sensor

Although changing a transmission range sensor is not too difficult, there are a few things to consider before you begin. Take out the transmission range sensor. To accomplish this, unscrew two screws, and then separate the wiring harness from the transmission range sensor.

Repeat these instructions to install a new transmission range sensor. All of your electrical connections must be made again, and any gaskets that were taken out during disassembly must be replaced. If the lower grill and front bumper of your car were taken off for repairs, put them back on.

Purchasing the appropriate sensor

Making sure you’re buying the correct part number is the first thing you should do if you’re in the process of replacing your transmission range sensor. You run the risk of purchasing a part that is incompatible with your car if you don’t get the correct part number.

Additionally, there are various kinds of sensors, so when you order one from an internet retailer or auto parts store, be sure to know what sort of sensor your vehicle has. The compatibility of the replacement sensor with the electrical system of your car should be your next concern.

Reinstalling the sensor

Reinstalling the replacement transmission speed sensor and reattaching any electrical connectors are the next steps. Next, put the batteries in and give your car a test drive. Take your automobile to an auto repair shop so someone else can give it a test drive if you don’t have a spare or if you have a friend who does.

How much does the transmission range sensor cost?

The average cost to replace a transmission range sensor is $289. The most expensive transmission range sensor repair would run you $500, while the least expensive choice would only cost you roughly $200. Both of these estimates assume expert installation; if you choose to do it yourself, the part should cost roughly $40.


How often should my transmission range sensor be changed?

Transmission sensors are made to endure the whole life of your vehicle and are not rated for any particular mileage. But after ten or so years, they are more prone to run into issues. Your sensor will randomly fail if it does. Generally speaking, you should inspect the sensor once every 50,000 miles and replace it if necessary.

When a transmission range sensor malfunctions, what happens?

The “service engine soon” indicator on your dashboard will stay lit if your car’s TRS is malfunctioning, or you won’t be able to start it at all. The car starting in the wrong gear, the gearbox having trouble changing ratios, or gear slippage are other indicators of a malfunctioning transmission range switch.

Can I still drive if my transmission range sensor fails?

Your car will determine that. If the sensor is damaged, the majority of current cars will lock up in either park or neutral, making it impossible for you to operate the vehicle. Your car might start, but it will probably be in limp mode and you won’t be able to shift gears.

How much time does it take to swap out a transmission range sensor?

Replacing the range sensor should take two to three hours if you hire a professional to handle the work. If the sensor is inside the transmission box, the repair may take longer because the mechanic will need to disassemble and reassemble it.

Can I replace a TRS by myself?

The location of the sensor determines this. It should be fairly easy for you to change on your own if it is situated outside of the transmission box. If the sensor is situated within the transmission box, it is advisable to have it replaced by a specialist. Disassembling the gearbox is difficult and prone to errors.

What other name does the transmission range sensor go by?

The Transmission Range Sensor, which is located outside the transmission box or on the valve body, is also sometimes referred to as the neutral safety switch or PRNDL (Park-Reverse-Neutral-Drive-Low) input, depending on the specific vehicle.

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Final Words

While frequently overlooked, the transmission range sensor is a crucial component of your vehicle. In order to shift gears and accelerate your car, the sensor must be functioning correctly. Thankfully, replacing the range sensor is not a difficult task and shouldn’t cost much. The kind and placement of the sensor are the primary determinants of cost.

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