An automobile component that measures the amount of mass airflow into an engine’s inlet is called a mass airflow (MAF) sensor. To determine how much fuel is needed for the optimal air-fuel ratio (AFR), this measurement is crucial. When there is a faulty mass air flow sensor, the engine control model or ECM does not compute the fuel injection accurately. Serious automotive issues may arise from this.


Symptoms Of A Bad Mass Air Flow Sensor

Symptoms of a bad mass air flow Sensor

Illuminated Engine Light

One of the warning lights on an automobile dashboard, the check engine light, may glow due to a malfunctioning MAF sensor. Circuit diagnostic fault codes may be the blame for this. Mass airflow sensor damage, however, can also result from misfire codes and fuel trim. If the code reads P0101—Mass Air Flow Sensor Circuit Range/Performance—you can use an OBD scanner to figure out what the problem could be. A filthy MAF sensor could be the cause.

Acceleration Problem

When driving, especially on a highway, acceleration is one of the signs of a bad MAF sensor. This could show that an issue with the MAF sensor is causing the ECM to limit injection.

Rough Idling

You won’t get a smooth, flawless idle without the proper amount of fuel. The wrong amount will therefore directly cause rough idling as one of the symptoms of a malfunctioning MAF sensor.

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Low Fuel Efficiency

Another symptom of a bad MAF sensor is a drop in fuel economy. The use of fuel could increase if an ECM failure causes more gasoline to be added than is necessary.

Dark Exhaust Smoke

Black smoke can occasionally come from the vehicle’s exhaust system due to a malfunctioning ECM. The catalytic converter may also be overloaded as a sign of a faulty MAF sensor.

Hesitation Or Surging

When the mass air flow sensors are malfunctioning, unexpected power surging or lack thereof during cruising or acceleration will occur.


The MAF sensor is crucial to the working of the car engine and can cause a wide range of symptoms. The majority of the indicators you’ll see are related to engine performance. Naturally, there are other possible causes for these issues, so if you have any issues with your automobile, it’s better to get it diagnosed by a qualified technician or by yourself. Having said that, it’s critical to replace your malfunctioning MAF sensor as quickly as possible.

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