How to Turn Off Ford MyKey

How To Turn Off Ford MyKey

Ford owners will be worry-free when their teenagers take the wheel, thanks to Ford MyKey. However, there are always circumstances where changing keys is necessary, and you may not want to drive while subject to the limitations imposed by your key fob. It’s crucial to know how to switch off Ford MyKey, whether you’re in this situation or selling your car to a new owner and need to hand over the keys.

How to Turn Off Ford MyKey

To reset your MyKey settings, utilize the information display or the SYNC®** screen in your car (if it is equipped). If you don’t switch the car off after setting the MyKey, you can remove or modify your MyKey settings. You will require an admin key to modify or clear your MyKey settings after you turn the vehicle off. You will need to buy a new key from your Ford dealer if you don’t have an admin key. So let’s go over how to turn off Ford MyKey in detail.


Here’s How to Turn Off Ford MyKey Using The Information Display:

  • Use an admin key to start your car.
  • Using the OK or > button on the steering wheel, scroll through the message center:
  • Choose Settings.
  • Select MyKey.
  • Choose “Clear My Key.”
  • Hold down the OK key until a notice appears stating that all MyKeys have been cleared.

Here’s How To Turn Off Ford MyKey:

  • Use an admin key to start your car.
  • On the SYNC screen in your car, select Settings.
  • Select vehicle.
  • To clear MyKey, tap it and adhere to the instructions that appear. After you’ve finished erasing your MyKeys, a confirmation message will show up on the screen.

To remove any restrictions and restore all MyKeys to their initial admin key status, erase your MyKeys. The MyKey limitations cannot be eliminated individually.

Here’s How To Turn Off Ford MyKey Without The Admin Key:

  • You will require FORScan and the programmed MyKey in order to turn off MyKey without an admin key.
  • Put the key in the ignition after unlocking the vehicle. Start the PCM KOER application, connect your automobile to the FORScan, and wait.
  • Remove MyKey from your keyless car, if you have one. Wrap the fob with foil to prevent it from broadcasting signals if your car needs a regular key. then shut the engine off.
  • Don’t start the car; just turn the key to turn it on. To access a menu, press the left arrow button on the steering wheel-mounted controls.
  • Open “Settings” from the menu by scrolling through it. Then open “MyKey” and browse the settings.
  • Search for “Clear MyKeyPress,” then click OK when it appears. This will cause the notification “All MyKeys Cleared” to appear.

How to Program Ford MyKey

How to Turn Off Ford MyKey

To ensure safe driving throughout your residential region, you will need to know how to program the device if you decide later that you want to reprogram your Ford MyKey or if you’re adding a new MyKey to the mix. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Place the key you want to program inside the ignition. Put the key in the backup slot if your car has a push-button start.
  • Go to “Settings” in the main menu on your onboard computer.
  • Navigate to the “MyKey” option and then select “Create MyKey.”
  • To identify the key in the ignition as a MyKey, select “OK.”

Now, as indicated in your personal preferences, this key will be restricted when you start your car. Start the car with your admin key and return to the MyKey menu on your display if you want to adjust these settings (audio system controls, vehicle speed limiters, and other restrictions). Change anything you’d like!

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