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Different types of equipment used in arc welding process


Today I will be discussing on different types of equipment used in arc welding process and their applications. Previously, some articles was published on arc welding process. check below:

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The following are the component that comprises of arc welding equipment. They include:

Arc welding power source:

arc welding power source comes in two types direct current (DC) and alternative current (AC). These machines have their own advantages, AC power supply is used where electricity supply is available. Well, the advancement of arc welding has brought to reduction of supply voltage from 200-400 volts to 50-90 volts. Here are some factors to be considered when selecting arc welding power supply.

  • Available power source
  • Electrode type
  • Require output
  • Efficiency
  • Initial and running cost
  • Duty cycle
  • Available floor space area
  • Operation type
  • Versatility of equipment


Welding cables:

welding cable are made of aluminum or copper cables insulated with either red, black or blue colour. It is used for connecting or transferring current from the power source to the electrode holder and produce arc to the workpiece back to the power source.

Arc welding cable

Electrode holder:

Electrode holder is designed to have capacity of clipping the electrode manually in order to receive current and create arc. It is available in sizes that ranges from 150 to 500 amps

Welding electrode: an electrode is piece of wire or rod of metal. Arc welding electrode is classified into consumable and non-consumable electrode. The consumable electrode is bare and coated electrode while the non-consumable electrode are carbon or graphite electrode and tungsten electrodes. All these electrodes are used for specific arc welding jobs.

Chipping hammer:

this arc welding equipment is used to reduce slag that occurs during welding. it is made of a wooden or rubber handle and a flat and punch head made of metal. It is used by striking off the slags the flat head of the hammer.

Arc welding equipments

Wire brush:

these types of arc welding equipment is used to clean dirt and to wipe away rust from the metal before welding. it is made of a wooden handle and wires on its surface.

Hand screen:

hand screen is used for supervising weld bead and for protection of eye.

Protective clothing:

This arc welding equipment are used to protect the body of the operator, protecting clothing include; apron, booth, goggles, etc.

Arc welding tools and equipment

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And that is it for this article, types of equipment used in arc welding process. I hope you enjoy reading it. Take your time to ask questions, comment and share. Thanks for reading!

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