Different Types of Drilling Machines

The various types of drilling operations perform today have caused the availability of different types of drilling machines. Some drills are quite easy to achieve and some require high skills of knowledge to accomplish them.

Well, all types of drilling machines are classified to be hand feed or power feed. All of them are considered powerful tools professionals use to make holes in hard surfaces like wood, metal, rocks, etc.

Due to the efficiency and easy application of these machines, manufacturing companies use them for repairing and improving tasks. The availability of different types, shapes, sizes, and speeds allows one to choose preferably. The amount of feed, depth of cut, spindle speeds, and accuracy also differentiate these machines. Some of these machines include:


Portable drilling machine

This drilling machine is also known as a hand drilling machine, it is the most common and widely used by manufacturing companies. Unlike other standard tools, this machine tool is used for drilling holes in rocks, wood, metal, etc.

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As the name suggests, the machine is small in size and can be carried to any work location. It works with a universal type of motor and it can drill from about 12mm to 18mm in diameter. Portable drilling machines are quite efficient and can be operated at higher speeds

portable drilling machine

Sensitive drilling machine

The sensitive drilling machines are also called bench drilling machines, they are used for making small holes at a very high speed. It is mounted on a bench with bolts and nuts and can be installed by hand. It also comes with a base, table, spindle, spindle, drill head, and driving mechanism. All these parts have been explained in this Understanding Machining Process and Machine tool

Upright drilling machine

The upright types of drilling machines are specially designed for handling small to medium-sized workpieces. However, it is a sensitive drilling machine, it is heavier than a normal drilling machine. The upright drilling machines come with a spindle feed and speed, making them suitable for different types of work.

Radial drilling machine

These types of drilling machines are designed for making a hole in large and heavy workspaces. it supports a radial arm in the column which allows the table to move up and down in order to drill workpieces of different heights. It is also used as a rock drilling component that construction companies can easily use.

The radial drilling machine driving mechanism is at separate feed and different speeds. The position of the machine is adjusted by sliding the drill head and the gateway of the arm.

Gang drilling machine

the gang drilling machine has a long common table and a base like the other machines. It also contains 4-6 drill heads placed side by side, the drill head has separate driving motors for their working.

Gang drilling machines are used for operations like drilling, reaming, counterboring, and tapping. It is done by simply moving the machine back and forth. Different spindle tools are used for different operations.

Multiple spindle drilling machines

When listing some of the important types of drilling machines that cause multiple spindles must be mentioned. It is designed to drill a number of holes in a workpiece or drill identical pieces as it comes with several spindles. These spindles drill all fed at the same time and also alter the distance between the axles to manage the holes in the drill.

Deep mole drilling machine

This is a special type of drilling machine, designed to drill deep holes in the connecting rods, and spindles as well to the barrels of the gun. They are perfect for creating deep holes, achieved with high cutting speed and less feed and coolant must be used during the process.

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