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Applications, advantages and disadvantages of Electroslag welding (ESW)

Today I will be discussing on electroslag applications, advantages and disadvantages. Previously an articles was published on principles of electroslag welding. Check out!

Electroslag welding


The followings are the applications of electroslag welding.

  • It is used in plate industries where thick plate of about 80mm are joined
  • The welding process is used to weld large casting and forging when producing a large composite structure
  • It is used for welding parts with thick walls with large diameter parts, pressure vessels, storage tanks and ships.


Some applications of electroslag welding are stated below:

  • Because of the slow cooling rate, cold cracking is avoided
  • The process is semi-automatic and faster
  • Slag remaining is eliminated
  • Heavy parts can be weld
  • Low cost for joint penetration
  • Low distortion


Despite its good advantages, electroslag welding still offers some disadvantages. The followings are the limitations of this welding process.

  • Slow rate of cooling gives columnar grain to the weld
  • Very high heat applied to the base metals
  • Proper cooling is needed for high temperature applied
  • Only vertical position can be welded
  • Offers low toughness to the weld

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And that is it for this article,  applications, advantages and disadvantages of electroslag welding. I hope you enjoy it. If so, comment and share with others. Thanks for reading!

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