Different types of Lathe machine operation

There is various operation performed with the lathe machine. The Operation might vary based on the fact that the use of lathes is broad, such as metalworking, woodworking, etc.  The machine helps to shape several material pieces into desired shapes. And in the metalworking field, it rotates the piece on the axis in order to perform operations like facing, knurling, cutting, deformation, etc.

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An operator is expected to properly know how to operate the machine. He/she must know about the feeds, cutting, speed, depth of the cut, the working tools as well as the operations.

Types of lathe operation

The following stated below are the working of lathe machines giving desired shape and size to objects. These include;

Facing: this is usually the first step to perform in lathe operation, bars with rough surfaces are cleared at each edge. This help to make it fit at the right angle of the axis and level the surface.

Tapering: an object is said to be tapered when it contains a conical shape on it. it is achieved with the help of the compound slide and the angle can be adjusted in the compound slide.

Parallel turning: this is done in order to cut metal parallel to the axis, it is implied when the diameter of a workpiece must be decreased.

Parting: parting is the removal of certain parts in the workpiece so it can face the ends. The operation is done slowly in order cut deeper and perfect. Same as the cutting tool, it is slowly pulled out to prevent it from breaking.

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Well, these are some work performed by the lathe machine, the following listed below are the complete operation of the lathe machine;

1. Turning operations

  • Plain or Straight Turning
  • Rough Turning
  • Shoulder Turning
  • Taper Turning
  • Eccentric Turning

2. Chamfering

3. Knurling

4. Thread cutting

5. Filing

6. Polishing

7. Grooving

8. Spinning

9. Spring Winding

10. Forming

Lathe machine operations performed by holding the work by a chuck or a face plate or an angle plate are:

1. Drilling

2. Reaming

3. Boring

4. Counterboring

5. Taper boring

6. Tapping

7. Undercutting

8. Internal thread cutting

9. Parting-off

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The operation performed by using special attachments are:

1. Grinding

2. Milling

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