Understanding Hacksaw hand tools

Being part of the important hand tools use in the manufacturing world, hacksaws are known for cutting wood, plastic, metal and other. Hacksaws must be included in a toolbox or in small garage shops.

How to use Hacksaw


These hand tools are made of metal, framed in U-shaped leaving a space for a thin, wide blade to hold between its spigot (clips).

Hacksaw handle is either made of wood or plastic and its frames are designed to be adjusted between 8-, 10-, or 12-inch blades as needed.

Depending on the cut, hacksaws blades have 14-32 inch per inch, as the denser teeth are suited on smaller objects cutting.

How to used and maintain hacksaws

Hacksaw is maintained when the appropriate blade is used i.e. when a coping saw blade is used on hacksaw. Replace blades when tooth wears, ensure it is clean and kept in the right place after usage.

Safety usage in of hacksaws is few only if noted and perform the right way. In a hacksaw, the adjuster should be tightening always only if an adjustment will be made.

When installing a blade, the adjuster should be on until there is slack and holes at the end of the blade can be inserted into the spigots. Finally, ensure the teeth are pointed away from the handle.

In addition, on how to safely use a hacksaw, materials should be firmly placed on a bench vice. Make sure the saw’s central teeth are placed on the material to be cut and push the saw in short stroke.

Few strokes of the cut before the object is finally down, ensure the object is held to avoid falling

There are some other lookalike saws like the rip saw, crosscut saw, backsaw, keyhole saw and coping saw.

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