Everything you need to know about milling machine

Milling machine is one the important machine needed in a machine shop as its serve variety of purposes in the manufacturing process. it is the process of machining using rotary cutter to remove material by advancing a cutter into a work piece. It may be performed in a varying direction on one or several axes, cutter head speed, and pressure. Different operations can be performed with milling machines from small individual parts to large one. It is also suitable for heavy-duty gang milling operations and ideal for machining custom parts to precise tolerances.

Today we’ll be looking deep into the definition, applications, advantages and disadvantages, components, types as well as operations of milling machines.


Applications of milling machine

The following are the applications of milling machine:

  • Milling machines are widely used in making gears.
  • It is used to produce groove and slot.
  • Milling machines are used to design metal and some other materials.
  • Flat and irregular surfaces can be machined on milling machine.
  • The modern milling machines are used to cut super-alloys, titanium, tensile steel to closer tolerance, a greater accuracy, and faster rate of production.

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The advantages and disadvantages of milling machine


The following are the benefits of milling machine:

  • Milling machine can produce complex shapes with the use of multi-tooth.
  • Operation cost can be very moderate.
  • It is use for key-way making.
  • it requires less experience for its operation.
  • Mailing machine is the perfect option for making individual pieces and small batches.


Despite the benefits of milling machines, there is still some limitation its offers. The following are the disadvantages of this machine:

  • The process is expensive than some other processes.
  • Milling is not suitable for mass production.
  • The machine is expensive.
  • Speed changing takes time.

Parts of milling machine

The following below represent the component of milling machine:

  • Base
  • Column
  • Knee
  • Saddle
  • Table
  • Overhanging arm
  • Spindle
  • Arbor
  • Arbor support
  • Milling head

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Various types of milling machine

The following stated below are the different types of milling machine with their various uses:

  • Column and knee types of milling
  • Vertical milling machine
  • Horizontal milling machine
  • Universal milling machine
  • Fixed bed milling machine
  • Simplex milling machine
  • Duplex milling machine
  • Triple milling machine
  • Planer milling machine
  • CNC milling machine
  • Tracer milling machine

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Operations performed on milling machine

The following are the operations carry out on milling machine

  • Plain milling operation
  • Face milling operation
  • End milling operation
  • For milling operation
  • T-slot milling operation
  • Side milling operation
  • Gear milling operation
  • Straddle milling operation
  • Groove milling operation
  • Gang milling operation

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the video below contains the working principle of CNC machine:

that is it for this article, we’ve covered the definition, types, operation, applications, advantages and disadvantages of milling machine. i hope you enjoyed reading the reading, if so let know you opinion and please kindly share. thanks!

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