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Different types of screwdriver and their uses

The screw is tightened or loosened with a screwdriver. A screwdriver is a round rod with a flat end and a handle on the other end. A screwdriver’s length is measured without the handle. A screwdriver’s length ranges from 50 millimeters (2″) to 18 millimeters (2″). There are three essential parts in a screwdriver such as a handle, shank, and blade.

Screwdrivers come with a handle, which is usually made of wood or plastic. An iron is attached to the wooden handle to prevent it from being shattered. The shank is the section of the knife that runs between the blade and the handle. It has a point or blade on the lower section. On the upper part, there is either a hole through which a wire can be fed or this end is made flat so that when this component is attached to the handle, the shank cannot move separately. Carbon steel is commonly used for them. The lowest half of the shank is known as the blade. A tip is another name for it. This component has been hardened and tempered.

In this article, you’ll learn the various types of screwdrivers in their uses.

Types of screwdrivers


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Types of Screwdrivers

The common types of screwdrivers are flat-head, Philips, Torx, Roberson or square screwdriver, Pozidriv, hex or hexagonal screwdriver, offset, watchmaker, clutch head, Frearson, tri-point screwdriver, tri-angle, tri-wing, carpenter, bolster, multipurpose, and special types of screwdrivers. The special types of screwdrivers include electrical, torque, corded, cordless, magnetic, jeweler’s, battery, and ratchet screwdrivers.

Flat Head

These types of screwdrivers are used to tighten or loosen various sorts of screws, as their name suggests. These come in a variety of sizes, from small to huge. Flathead screwdrivers have a wood or plastic handle attached to them. Light-duty screwdrivers and heavy-duty screwdrivers are available depending on your demands. Their tip is flat.

flathead screwdriver


These types of screwdrivers have a different tip than conventional screwdrivers. This pointy tip is created by cutting four flutes. Where the screw has a T cross-shaped groove at its head, Philips screwdrivers are employed. These screws come in a variety of sizes and numbers.

philip screwdriver


Torx screwdrivers are widely used by engineers in the automotive industry. Engineers sometimes refer to them as “star tips.” The tip of this driver is shaped like a star and has six circular lobes. Because of the spherical geometry of the lobes, a Torx screwdriver has a low radial force, which extends the life of the screw and screwdriver bit. Unlike Philips or Pozidriv screwdrivers, excessive torque may be imparted even at high driving rates without the risk of equipment slipping, making it safer to use. Torx screwdrivers come in a range of sizes, and the tip size is determined by a numbering system such as T8, T10, T15, T25, and so on. The tooltip size grows in proportion to the number.

torx screwdriver

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Robertson screwdriver or square screwdriver

The Robertson screwdriver type is another name for the square screwdriver. This screwdriver was created by a Canadian. The cam-out effect is ignored when a sufficiently tapered square-shaped opening screw is engaged with a square projection, which requires no angle. This improves centralization. A little taper in the tool’s front enables strong screw locking and so makes it more suitable for use. These screwdrivers were first employed for industrial uses by the Ford Motor Company, as they speed up production, decrease losses, and are extremely dependable.



The Pozidriv screwdriver, unlike the Phillips screwdriver, features two cross markings that are offset at a 45-degree angle. In European countries, these are commonly utilized. This form does not totally eliminate the cam-out effect, but it does provide superior slippage resistance and stability to a Phillip screwdriver. As a result, it is utilized for tightening screws that demand a lot of torque.


Hex screwdriver or hexagonal screwdriver

It is hexagonal in shape and has six straight sides. Instead of screws, they are frequently used to secure bolts. These bits may be found in your bitcoin box and are used to tighten or loosen hex bolts, nuts, and screws. Because there is no sliding or cam-out effect when driving it, even the most powerful driver tools may be fitted with hex arranging bits, resulting in faster and more accurate results.

hex screwdriver set

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A flat blade is also included with the Offset screwdrivers. These types of screwdrivers, however, do not have a handle. Both ends of its shank are bent at 90 degrees, and bits are created on both ends. This offset screwdriver is utilized in tight or slanting locations where a regular flat screwdriver will not operate. It’s depicted in the diagram.

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offset screwdriver


Sets of watchmaker screwdrivers are available. Six screwdrivers are included in each set, with numbers ranging from 0 to 5. The screwdriver’s bit gets smaller and thinner as the number decreases. A cap is attached to the shank in place of the handle. The cap is attached to the shank in such a way that it can be moved independently of the shank. The tip is positioned at the head of the screw, and the cap is squeezed with one finger while the shank is rotated with the other fingers to tighten or loosen the screw. A screwdriver for watchmakers can be used on a variety of instruments and watches. It appears as depicted in the illustration.


Clutch head

These types of screwdrivers are ubiquitous in vintage GM automobiles and are utilized throughout the automotive sector. Bow-tie screwdrivers, also known as clutch head screwdrivers, are used to work screws with a bow-tie-shaped slot. The clutch screwdriver has a higher starting torque and can withstand more spinning power. Tight and loose slotted drivers, on the other hand, can be used with this sort of screw. It can also be screwed but not loosened in another safe method using a slotted driver.

clutch head screwdriver

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These kinds of screwdrivers have a sharp point on the tip, unlike Philip Drivers, which have bluntly rounded points. Furthermore, the tip of the Phillip drivers is at a 45-degree angle, whereas the Phillip drivers are at a 90-degree angle. On nautical equipment, this driver is employed. With a few exceptions, the Frearson screwdriver, sometimes known as Reed or Prince, is designed similarly to the Philippe screwdriver. The driver’s unique form allows it to deliver more torque than a Phillips driver and to work with Frearson screws of all sizes as well as a large number of Phillip screws.

Frearson screwdriver


In the electrical industry, tri-point screwdrivers are highly common, and tech giants like Nintendo and Apple use them in their phones, gaming systems, and other products. The tri-point driver produces a Y-shaped tip with three blades placed at an angle of 120 degrees. As a result, it’s often referred to as 3-prong or Y-tip drivers. Only tri-angle drivers are compatible with hex drivers, therefore they have their own set of safety hazards.

Tri point


Screwdrivers like these were largely utilized in the toy, electronics, and appliance industries, and they were added to improve safety. However, a hex screwdriver can also grip TA screws, therefore tri-angle drivers aren’t included in many DIY kits. Screwdrivers with three angles are also known as three-angle screwdrivers. It has a triangle-shaped tip for slotting on triangle-shaped screw heads.

Tri angle

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Tri-wing drivers have a tip that looks like a pinwheel and are designed to operate screws with triangle sockets of three wing sizes. It’s tough to remove these screws without a tri-wing driver because they have such a unique groove. Tri-wing screwdrivers types are expensive and hard to come by, compared to other types of drivers. These drivers were originally designed for use in aeronautical engineering, but they are now widely used in consumer electronics.

tri wing


A round rod with a flat tip makes up the carpenter screwdriver. Its handle is flat on both sides (as shown in the figure). This allows the worker to use the screwdriver with maximum force.



A sort of nut is welded to the top of the shaft under the handle on the bolster screwdriver. If a screw is tightened on a surface, you can loosen it by using a wrench to impart extra torque to the welded nut. In any scenario, the bolster screwdriver can bear maximum pressure loads.

Bolster screwdriver

Multipurpose screwdriver

The multifunctional screwdriver contains a hexagonal hole at the end of the shank that can accommodate a variety of drivers on both sides, depending on how the set is used. They are a fairly frequent toolset among individuals who just have minimum requirements because they offer more adaptability and space savings.


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Special types of screwdrivers

Changes to the handles and shanks of several screwdrivers are also available. The optional design aids in ejecting more torque while also providing adequate clearance. The followings are the special kind of screwdrivers:


These types of screwdrivers are powered by electricity, which eliminates the need to utilize your muscles to apply torque. It can easily and swiftly work a screw, which is very useful for individuals who have a broken head. As a result, it’s also known as screw guns or power screwdrivers.

electric screwdrivers


It is well-known for its use in automobiles, but the trouble is that it necessitates the use of special equipment. Screwdrivers of this type have a wide range of applications, ranging from military repairs to aviation.



An electric cord is included with this type of screwdriver. However, because they must be carried to a local power source, they are not particularly prevalent. They are, however, incredibly efficient and provide a steady power source.


This type of screwdriver is equipped with a rechargeable battery, giving it the benefits of both electrical and battery-powered screwdrivers. This makes them heavier by accident, and when the battery charge declines, they lose torque.

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It contains a magnetic tip that holds the screw in place, allowing you to use just one hand to insert or remove the screw. Magnetic tips are being added to an increasing number of manual screwdrivers.


On pocket watches and eyeglasses, they are precision instruments that use little screws. A watch or eyeglass driver is another name for it. Screwdrivers with Philips and flatheads are the most common.


Because this sort of screwdriver is powered by little batteries, it may be stored in a small space. It’s not as powerful as other screwdrivers, but it’ll fit into your toolbox just fine.


A spring or ratchet is installed in the handle of these screwdrivers. It has a button on the handle. When this button is hit, the ratchet screw’s shank begins to rotate through the spring. The shank returns to its normal position when the button is removed. Screws can be tightened or loosened fast with its assistance.

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That is all for this article, where the common types of screwdrivers are been discussed. I hope you learn a lot from the reading, if so, kindly share with other students. Thanks for reading, see you around!